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This potential partnership marks a significant shift in the music industryโ€™s attitude towards AI-generated content. After initially reacting with hostility and issuing takedown notices, the major labels seem to have realised that outright rejection is futile. Collaborating with the tech giants developing these tools might make more strategic sense than fighting a losing battle.

A licensed marketplace for AI music feels inevitable given the technologyโ€™s rapid advancements. But its ultimate impact depends heavily on how collaborative and ethical the key players aim to be. If the tech and music giants view this mainly as a commercial opportunity without respecting artists, they risk a backlash. However, with the right vision and values, AI-generated content could become a new engine of creativity.

The record labels, however, worry that AI-generated music could erode their control over artistsโ€™ brands and intellectual property. There are concerns about potential damage to carefully crafted images and losing revenue as IP boundaries blur. However, an overly restrictive stance risks stifling creativity around a potentially exciting new artform.